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50 million runners strong

Birth Year: I, by typing my name above, clicking "Accept Waiver" below, and submitting this application, am aware that participating in the REVEL Online Coaching Program is a potentially hazardous activity, and that I should not so participate unless physically able. I verify that I am medically fit to participate, and will have sufficiently trained for the event prior to participation. I understand that this agreement to indemnify and hold harmless does not apply to injuries caused by intentional or grossly negligent conduct. I understand and agree that this Waiver and Release shall bind my heirs, assigns, successors, and personal representatives, including a spouse and members of my family, and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Utah.

I understand and acknowledge that I may be waiving important legal rights by execution of this form, and acknowledge that I have had an opportunity to review this form with counsel of my choice. I have read this agreement carefully, understand it, and certify my agreement by typing my name above. Accept Waiver. Your profile will go directly to your REVEL Coach, who will use that information to evaluate your progress throughout training.

Before your training begins, your REVEL Coach will contact you to make an introduction, to provide contact information for you to reach your Coach, and to provide any additional instructions for your training preparation. Your training plan will be available after logging in and visiting the Training Center section on the training page.

You will receive a schedule that will include your daily workouts, weekly targets, and overall strategy for that training cycle. These e-mails will remind you about the objectives of your specific training cycle, will explain the overall workouts goals for each of your workouts, and will include tips on how to translate key concepts into preparation for downhill racing. Finally, you will receive a high-quality tech shirt as part of your coaching program.

The shirt will be mailed to you approximately one month before your scheduled race. This shirt will be given in addition to the actual race shirt that you will pick up at the expo. Wear it with pride during your race! Yes, but switching from Introductory, Beginner or Intermediate training to Advanced training is not recommended.

Weekly Running Tips

The demands and intensity of the Advanced training are high, and rely heavily on the ability to sustain demanding levels of mileage and intensity over the total training period. Switching from Advanced to Beginner or Intermediate training, or from any level to Introductory training, should not be a problem at any point in the program.

It is a step down in intensity and overall mileage. Whether you are training to run your first marathon or half-marathon, or you are seeking a PR or Boston Qualifying time, REVEL offers detailed and personalized coaching from our experienced and successful coach, Paul Carmona.

Using his own coaching methods that have proven successful for runners of all levels for more than a decade, our REVEL Coach will help you reach your goal using a week half-marathon plan or a week marathon plan, or shortened "Introductory" plans for first-time marathoners and half-marathoners. What Participants Think Coach Paul is an excellent coach, full of enthusiasm for running, racing, and coaching. The training plan was a huge help to get me ready for a fast downhill race.

His coaching has helped me learn proper form, pacing, and preparation for downhill races. Still need to register? While online registration is now closed, you may still register in person at the Village Runner in Manhattan Beach through Friday, October 5th by 7pm.

Wet Weather Running Tips

Please note there is no race day registration. Village Runner Manhattan Beach is located at: N. Today Mike and Darren talk about shin splits including ways to prevent them and how to treat them. Check out our video for additional information. To Prevent Them: 1. Avoid over striding 2. Keep you cadence high 3. Slowly increase your mileage 4. Run in the best shoe for you. If You Have Them: 1. Rest 2. Wear calf sleeves 3. Strengthening exercises 4. Ice 5. Come in and speak with us for help and more tips! Hilly Course 3. Boston Qualifier. Pick a low mileage or no mileage week to get away.

Make a checklist of running items to pack. Check out our helpful checklist here. Try to get a run in before you leave town. Bring ID, money, and phone on your run. Have fun and take in the scenery. As our manager Darren is off trekking through Utah with his family, we are taking a small departure from our Marathon Monday videos.

Are you the original owner of the Village Runner? Do you own the Village Runner in Manhattan Beach? Are you closing the Redondo Beach location? Is Darren coming back??? The standard answer is miles.

Training Center

What surface you run on and how often you run all come into play. Another good indicator is your body. At about miles in, start listening to your body. Hopefully, you are also taking advantage of the various apps that are available to track your mileage on all your pairs of running shoes. Your muscles have been depleted of their glycogen which is their main fuel source. We recommend that when you are training, you figure out your nutrition schedule, so that you know when you need a bump in glycogen.

If you do hit the wall, you can bounce back. Slow down, replenish with hydration, and nutrition and give things a minute to kick back in and then you should be good to go. Now that summer is here, hydration is super important as you are out running. It is best to have ounces of water per hour, but your training runs will help you determine what is best for you. We recommend bringing a handheld, a water belt, or a vest to carry your hydration. Start summer off right with the perfect protection for your eyes as you are out running!

They are polarized and have UV protection. They are a very econmical piece of equipment that you truly forget about while you are wearing them. When preparing for your marathon, it is best to have a lightweight companion shoe. A companion shoe is a similar but lighter shoe compared to what you have been doing your heavy mileage in. Race day trainers are lighter, closer to the ground, and help you go faster.

Make sure to do some of your longer runs in these lighter shoes. Socks are a key part to a successful run or walk. Stay away from cotton which can cause blisters.

Find ones that are moisture-wicking to keep your foot dry and less prone to blisters. Our staff can help you choose the right sock for the particular type of run you are participating in. We all love the brand Balega, which is the best selling brand in the country. The vet said it was likely due to either a spinal blood clot or herniated disk, both of which are very expensive to treat with low chances that she could ever walk on her own again.

She was an amazing dog and great at running with me. Ziva could run for 5 miles, get back and look like she was just getting ready to head out. She was like the energizer bunny. My workout started with a slow jog for 0. The week before, I did an 8 x m repeat workout at around an pace while I was in Minnesota lower elevation!

What a mistake. I struggled through this workout and had to vary my paces for each repeat. Not good. I ran for a total of 2. What I Did: 3.

I brought our other dog, Bruno with on this run because he loves getting out of the house, but he really sucks at running. He kept me at a slow pace because he felt the need to stop, sniff, and pee every few strides.

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  • 50 million runners strong.
  • Half Marathon Training Guide (Intermediate – 12 Weeks)?
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What I Did: Wow, it seems like 3 easy miles is the foundation of this half marathon training program! I took Bruno on a different route Friday, and he again frustrated me with his stopping to sniff and pee every few strides. He even had the nerve to stop and poop near the end. Good thing I had a dog baggie tied to the leash.

Ziva would always relieve herself before or after the run, and just focus on running while we were moving. This was really hard for me emotionally. Ziva was a perfect running pal and Bruno…not so much. What I Did: 5 miles slow, out and back. What I Did: 30 minutes on my new spin bike. I do have a pair of biking short, and I will be sure to put them on before my next cross-training session. Be sure to like my page on Facebook , follow me on Pinterest or Instagram , and become part of the community. Hi Alexis, first so sorry to hear about Ziva.


In addition, easy runs should also refresh mentally and help get ready for the next hard workout. You might also think about perceived effort, I notice you run in Utah at altitude, and in Minnesota in the cold, and all of these factors affect effort and exertion, including the aerobic stimulus you get during a run. This is challenging to measure with tools, but if you have access to something like a Garmin, you can look at HR, cadence, and elevation changes. Have fun!