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The questions addressed by Wightman are of great concern to current Andean ethnohistory, one of the liveliest areas of such research, and are sure to have an important impact. The Course of Andean History. Peter V. The only comprehensive history of Andean South America from initial settlement to the present, this useful book focuses on Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, the four countries where the Andes have played a major role in shaping history.

Portrait of a Nation: Culture and Progress in Ecuador. Osvaldo Hurtado. A case study of why Third World countries are still poor, the premise of this book is that while some progress has been made in transforming the political economy of Ecuador, certain behaviors, beliefs and attitudes have kept the country from developing in ways that otherwise would have been possible. As the author asserts, for almost five centuries the cultural habits of Ecuadorian citizens have constituted a stumbling block for individual economic success.

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Still, he concludes, people's cultural values are not immutable: inconvenient customs can be changed or influenced by the economic success of immigrants. This is the challenge that Ecuador faces in the twenty-first century.

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In the two centuries before the Norman invasion of England, Anglo-Saxon and Viking forces clashed repeatedly in bloody battles across the country. Repeated Viking victories in the 9th century led to their settlement in the north of the country, but the tide of war ebbed and flowed until the final Anglo-Saxon victory before the Norman Conquest. Using stunning artwork, this book examines in detail three battles between the two deadly foes: Ashdown in which involved the future Alfred the Great; Maldon in where an Anglo-Saxon army sought to counter a renewed Viking threat; and Stamford Bridge in , in which King Harold Godwinesson abandoned his preparations to repel the expected Norman invasion in order to fight off Harald Hard-Counsel of Norway.

Drawing upon historical accounts from both English and Scandinavian sources and from archaeological evidence, Gareth Williams presents a detailed comparison of the weaponry, tactics, strategies and underlying military organization of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, and considers the developments which took place on both sides in the two centuries of Viking incursions into Anglo-Saxon England.

Alberto Moreiras. The conditions for thinking about Latin America as a regional unit in transnational academic discourse have shifted over the past decades. In The Exhaustion of Difference Alberto Moreiras ponders the ramifications of this shift and draws on deconstruction, Marxian theory, philosophy, political economy, subaltern studies, literary criticism, and postcolonial studies to interrogate the minimal conditions for an effective critique of knowledge given the recent transformations of the contemporary world.

What, asks Moreiras, is the function of critical reason in the present moment? What is regionalistic knowledge in the face of globalization?

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Can regionalistic knowledge be an effective tool for a critique of contemporary reason? What is the specificity of Latin Americanist reflection and how is it situated to deal with these questions? Through examinations of critical regionalism, restitutional excess, the historical genealogy of Latin American subalternism, testimonio literature, and the cultural politics of magical realism, Moreiras argues that while cultural studies is increasingly institutionalized and in danger of reproducing the dominant ideologies of late capitalism, it is also ripe for giving way to projects of theoretical reformulation.

Ultimately, he claims, critical reason must abandon its allegiance to aesthetic-historicist projects and the destructive binaries upon which all cultural theories of modernity have been constructed. The Exhaustion of Difference makes a significant contribution to the rethinking of Latin American cultural studies. Paralysed with Fear: The Story of Polio. The story of mankind's struggle against polio is compelling, exciting and full of twists and pardoxes.

One of the grand challenges of modern medicine, it was a battleground between good and bad science. Gareth Williams takes an original view of the journey to understanding and defeating polio. David Grann. He never returned. Linear Algebra with Applications: Edition 7. Revised and edited, Linear Algebra with Applications, Seventh Edition is designed for the introductory course in linear algebra and is organized into 3 natural parts.

Part 1 introduces the basics, presenting systems of linear equations, vectors and subspaces of R, matrices, linear transformations, determinants, and eigenvectors. Part 3 completes the course with many of the important ideas and methods of numerical linear algebra, such as ill-conditioning, pivoting, and LU decomposition. Offering 28 core sections, the Seventh Edition successfully blends theory, important numerical techniques, and interesting applications making it ideal for engineers, scientists, and a variety of other majors. Funding Package Resources Placement and Dissertations.

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Hannah Arendt or Simone Weil? Vincenzo Binetti and Gareth Williams, Translators In this book Roberto Esposito explores the conceptual trajectories of two of the twentieth century's most vital thinkers of the political: Hannah Arendt and Simone Weil. Drawing actively and extensively on Arendt's and Weil's voluminous